BENJAMIN BRIGHTEY from the Hartlepool area – This man was talking to two of our 14 year old decoys back in july. He turned up to meet what he believed to be a 14 year old girl for sex and sexual activity.
He turned up to the meeting place and told the decoy (member of the team who is 18+) to get in his car.
Benjamin fled the meeting place crashing into a member of the publics car and injuring two people. We later found out that he had left his two children unsupervised at his home address to meet the child for sex and sexual activity.

We were in court today to witness Benjamin Brightey receive:
22 months suspened for 2yrs.
A further sentence of 22 months concurrent suspended for 2 years.
12 weeks suspended for 2 years for neglect.
Sex offenders register for 10yrs.
Shpo for 10 years. (Sexual Harm Prevention Order)
54 days rehabilitation order.

Once again this is another lenient sentence for another predator. Any court other than Newcastle crown and he would have been jailed!!