EDWARD SALT AGED 27 FROM THE SUNDERLAND/NEWCASTLE AREA – This male had been communicating with what he thought was several females under the age of 16 but it was actually members of our team and Dark Justice behind the profiles, he had asked for sex and sexual activities and sent indecent images of himself to the “children”.

In several of his messages he had asked the “children” to urinate into a bottle and go and meet him with it and he had also asked them to deficate on him.

members from both teams tracked him down to his residency where we confronted him on his way home from the pub and contacted the local police force, the police arrived shortly after and arrested the male.

while confronting the male we discovered that he had been done for offences like this before and was already on the sex offenders register and had a shpo in place.

He was up to court this afternoon where he received –

30 months imprisonment
sex offenders register for life
sexual harm prevention order for life.

however due to serving time on remand he only has 3 month remaining in jail, the judge stated he is HIGH RISK of re offending but due to the guidelines the judge could only sentence him to so long in prison.