ALISTAIR BROWN AGED 36 FROM THE WEST RAINTON AREA – This male had been speaking to what he believed to a be a 14 year old girl but it was in fact a member of our team behind the profile, he had asked the “girl” for sex and sexual activities and also said he was going to take photographs and film these actions with her, we decided we could not wait for him to meet up with the “child” and had to act sooner as he posed a huge threat to any real child.

He plead his innocence with his employer and the courts until 2 weeks ago when he pleaded guilty at court, this case happened over 18 month ago and has just got through the courts now.

at court he received –

2 years imprisonment suspended for 2 years
140 hours unpaid work
rehabilitation requirements
10 years sex offenders register
5 years sexual harm prevention order